Data Scientist is looking for scientists in NLP, Computer Vision, and Speech Recognition / Generation with independent research ability and passion for implementing new and innovative approaches to AI services on the cloud. So, you are supposed to:

  • Perform analysis on wide variety of data and building pipelines
  • Prototype new ideas and data products fast using pre-trained models
  • Participate in designing data gathering pipelines and cleaning data
  • Build, train, test and deploy models iteratively
  • Error analysis of the models to improve evaluation metrics (e.g. accuracy, precision, recall)
  • Participate in performance improvement practices to utilize computational resources efficiently
  • Do whatever it takes to support the product
  • Effectively translate analytical findings into the language of decision makers; communicate findings effectively supported by visual representations.


  • Post secondary education in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or related fields
  • Experience with analytical and visualization tools in Python
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, detail-oriented, and passionate about producing high-quality product
  • Responsive, team-oriented personal style for effective communication with internal clients and colleagues
  • Flexibility and comfort working in a dynamic organization with minimal documentation and process


  • 2+ years of industrial experience with predictive modeling, machine learning, and statistical techniques in your field of expertise (NLP, Vision, Speech)
  • Experience with distributed computing and containers (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Familiar with big data solutions (Spark, Kafka, HDFS)


  • Flexible working hours
  • Appropriate and on-time payment
  • Stock options for all employees
  • Talented colleagues and interesting work environment
  • Supplementary health insurance
  • Generous loans to employees
  • Various on-site entertainments – 2021 © Copyright